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Will Taff Rapper’s newly printed beer mats help promote their Open Day on Saturday 23rd November. Can you help spread the word too?


November 15, 2013 by tommy

Taff Rapper beer mats

Taff Rapper beer mats

They’re a brand new men’s rapper team (with lady fiddler) holding an Open Day of instruction and learning on Saturday 23rd November from 11:00am to 5:30pm.

They’ve got hold of some bespoke beer mats to help promote the event, they’re going onto tables in the pub this evening.

Taff Rapper say “We still need some assistance in promoting the event, beer mats alone won’t do it”.

So, if you know anyone of male gender aged 16+ who resides in or around Cardiff OR know a mother or father of such a boy/man who might be interested please pass this on.

They have 4-5 members so far, an experienced fiddler and a practice venue. Just a couple more chaps and they’re away.

Can you help?

Taff Rapper have a website HERE and have set up a facebook event HERE

P.S. – beer mats are from Mosaic printers and cost £50 for 500 and £90 for 1000.



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