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Who’s on crawl this weekend? Thrales, Northgate and Cinquefoil all out in pubs and bars this weekend.


November 8, 2013 by tommy

Several sword dance teams are out and about this weekend spreading the joy and love that is derived from the deft handling of swords in public places.

Cinquefoil will delight the denizens of Wigston in Leicestershire tonight (8th).

Thrales will fascinate the folk of fair London Town on Saturday (9th). It’s their 19th birthday too!

Northgate will imbue the incumbents of Bath with a sense of awe and wonder, also on Saturday. They’re sort of Thrales’ older brothers too, it being their 22nd anniversary!

Who else is out and about? Rapperists and longsworders please reply. Morris teams only if you’re swording this weekend please.

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