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The N.E. Rapper Championship and an apology. 


April 27, 2016 by tommy

Apologies, but due to a heavily pregnant partner (at the time) and the impending birth of the SDU Web Officer’s second child, this posting has lain as ‘draft’ since February. Some might say round spherical objects. But here’s the news from earlier this year. 

The N.E. Rapper Championship took place on Saturday January 31, and was held at St Mary’s Gateshead. Ednie Wilson had the tumultuous job of organising the event and the 2016 competitors were:

High Spen Pink Diamonds

Newcastle Kingsmen A

Star and Shadow

Newcastle Kingsmen B

High Spen Blue Diamonds

Ricky Forster High Spen Blue DiamondsThe winning team was the High Spen Blue Diamonds and the award and cash pot prize was presented to Mr Ricky Forster. 

The Event was a remaking of the Sword Dance Union NE Rapper Championship which followed on from the EFDSS Championship first started in 1949.

Winners over the years have been:

Royal Earsdon 5 times

Sallyport Sword Dancers

Newcastle Kingsmen

High Spen Blue Diamonds

The Event will be re-enacted again on Saturday January 21 2017. 



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