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  1. A Rose Rapper workshop, ‘try it’ with Redcar, and the NE Rapper Gathering. Plus an SDU website update.


    January 7, 2016 by tommy

    Redcar Sword Dancers

    Welcome then to 2016!¬†Are we all another year older, possibly wiser and still dead keen on things sword? Though not …
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  2. The revamped Sword Dance Union website is one year old today! How are we doing? your feedback needed!


    November 5, 2014 by tommy

    Yes, whoda thunk it? The revamped SDU website and associated social media are one year old today. In November last …
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  3. Late late edition of SDU news! Mummer’s Ball, Mons Meg and more Thrales. plus 2 more teams on the SDU map of UK sword dancers


    April 11, 2014 by tommy

    A couple more events have come to light happening in our world of sword. Those Edinburgh gunners, Mons Meg Rapper …
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  4. Now 65 sword dance and morris teams on the SDU Map of UK swordists. Who do you know on the remaining list?


    November 13, 2013 by tommy

    A week ago the SDU placed a Google map on the website, listing sword dance teams in the UK. It …
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  5. Google map of UK sword dance teams now online. 42 teams and counting! #rapper #longsword


    November 7, 2013 by tommy

    I’ve been testing a Google map where I’ve listed UK sword dance teams. So far I’ve listed 42 teams; rapper, …
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