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A sword report from Chippenham Folk Festival 2014


May 27, 2014 by tommy

3 rapper teams, 1 longsword team and NYFTE kept the traditions of sword dancing well and truly in the faces of the public at the Chippenham Folk Festival last weekend. There’s a flickr photostream and a new Star and Shadow video at the bottom of this post.

HawkswordIn the pubs were Leyton’s finest proponents of the sword; Hawksword, debuting a totally brand new dance. Could it potentially be a DERT 2015 winner? We’ll have to wait and see.

Certainly garnered a healthy round of applause in the Rose and Crown!


photo 2The weather was a bit poor at times with Dorset Buttons doing the rapper in shiny black clogs outside in the drizzling rain. Passers by were intrigued by the moves the Buttons made, but also by the Englishness of our tradition. And how we stoically perform in public whatever the weather!

Well done chaps!


photo 10Also walking the streets was Nottingham’s Sullivan’s Sword performing Escrick and Sleights amongst others. They’ve been going strong since 1975, so there’s potentially a birthday event happening next year. Edwin’s going to assist them with setting up their social media accounts, something missing from a fair few longsword teams. Do get in touch if you would like some help.


photo 9Newcastle’s finest, and two time DERT winners; Star and Shadow were running workshops, performing at ceilidh interval spots, crossing codes to clogging and crawling the pubs late at night. The Saturday night ceilidh spot went down a treat with loads of applause from the big audience, and they did drop a lock on the crawl.

Both things very good to see!


NYFTEThe last word must go to NYFTE, busy performing 90 minute high energy performance containing most traditional dance forms. They also ran children’s workshops including one on rapper with a rapper performance by the NYFTE team on the Monday afternoon. Superb stuff with those that leave at 18 years old going on to join other traditional dance sides and teams.

Fingers crossed NYFTE will have a presence at DERT 2015 in Bristol.

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