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Survey feedback reminder, Tower Ravens, festivals, new teams, Scouts, and some artwork.


April 21, 2016 by tommy

Sword Dancers by Rob Flowers

Sword Dancers by Rob Flowers

The mercifully short but certainly sweet survey about the SDU closes today at 5pm, we’ve had 24 responses so far, not bad, but we could do with some more.

Please do take 5 minutes out of your life, we’ll try and give it back in one way or another. It can be anonymous if you wish, simply don’t include your name and email address when asked to.

Honesty counts, otherwise we can’t use your comments and responses to improve the organisation. the link for clicking is

Thank you to all those who’ve responded so far.

Those pesky Tower Ravens of London Town are holding a open workshop on Saturday 25th April from 7:30 until 9:30. Evening obviously. There will be cake allegedly. The venue is St Michael’s Church Hall, Cornhill, London, EC3V 9DS. There’s a Facebook event – 

Some of those European types are asking for sword dance teams to join them at their festivals.

  • The World Music Festival at Lloret de Mar
  • Cultural Exchange – Erasmus Plus
  • World Music Festival – Chianciano, Tuscany

For details of the above and more, why not click to to find out some stuff.

New sides are up and running; Leven Sword from the stable of Redcar Sword, a mixed longsword team, and Fourtyfoot Sword stemming from the Project Rapper team, dancing both rapper and longsword. We wish them both well in their practices and endeavours.

Apologies are in order, we missed this for inclusion earlier in the year. This is a photo set by Georgia Stone of a Sullivan’s Sword Scouts workshop back in January. Possible new recruits!

And finally, today’s picture is of a piece of art created by Rob Flowers and brought to our attention by The Trevor Stone Archive Facebook page. Thank you, it looks a great piece of work.

As ever, if you’ve news of a sword nature please get in touch with Edwin on here or via facebook etc, and please do Like and Share our posts on Facebook. Perferably Share, as more people see it that way. Thank you for your support.


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