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Room available at the Inn. Mabel Day cometh, the cakes are baking and the gin is distilling. Well, probably purchased away.


November 26, 2013 by tommy

That regular end of year event known as Mabel Day is on the horizon, Sunday 1st December.

So far the following teams have declared their interest;

Ryknild Rapper
Stone Monkey
Tower Ravens
Warwick University
And of course, Mabel Gubbins

There is room at the Inn, so if you’re a rapper team in want of semi non-competitive peer group sword dancing, cake and gin then get in touch. You can still join in the fun.

Mabel Day kicks off at High Noon in the Royal Blenheim, moves to Far From The Maddding Crowd, there’s a split into crawls and a reconvening at 4pm for last dances, plus the aforementioned baked and distilled goods.

Please check the Mabel’s website HERE for the latest info.



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