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Rapper, longsword and mumming at the 35th Whittlesea Straw Bear Festival (10th-12th January 2014)


January 3, 2014 by tommy

The Whittlesea Straw Bear Festival takes place next weekend (10th – 12th January) and includes some sword dancing! Whittlesea is just east of Peterborough.

Our country is full of strange and wonderful customs, not least the dressing of a man in a 5 stone straw suit and leading him round public houses by a chain and asking him to dance for refreshments! The Bear will be joined by 250 or so dancers from all of our dance traditions; Sword, Molly, Border, Morris and Clog along with Appalachian, street performances and mummer’s plays.

Both Rockingham Rapper and the Goathland Plough Stots will be taking part.

The Straw Bear website can be found JUST HERE and contains a history of the event and lots of photos and other media.

Whittlesea Straw Bear

Whittlesea Straw Bear




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