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Rapper dancers, trainees and a muso needed in the Nuneaton / Tamworth / Hinckley / Coventry areas.


October 10, 2014 by tommy

Liz Allton of Cinquefoil Rapper

Cinquefoil Rapper (their website)

After what seems to be the sad demise of Leicester’s Cinquefoil, Liz Allton is still keen to be dancing with bendy swords.

Liz is based in the Nuneaton / North Warwickshire area which is butted by the Tamworth and Coventry conurbations (not used that word in years) and is keen to meet up with like-minded sword dancers to look at putting a team together.

If you live in such an area or know anyone that might want to dance with swords please get in touch with Liz via




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