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The NUT DERT special – ’tis free and loaded with good rapper stuff


February 27, 2014 by tommy

Trina Mckendrick writes;

The NUTBe sure to get your FREE COPY of the NUT DERT Special in Leeds. Spare a thought just now for the demented Swans who have shed many feathers creating a fully automated website which manages team registrations, communications and payments.

Also, these feathery wonders have created a fully automated web-based scoring system. Judge minders will have computery things, through which scores and comments can be submitted immediately after each dance. Photos of the scoresheets will also be uploaded and checked manually at the end of the day. We have implemented as many safeguards as possible to ensure that the results are reliable, thus protecting the competition’s credibility.

Read more about behind the scenes with Black Swan in the DERT Special.

PS – if you like what you read in the free one, how about subscribing? ’tis excellent value for money – 


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