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Northgate Rapper enlist the assistance of new technology to do well at DERT. Here’s hoping!


January 30, 2014 by tommy

Those swarthy boys from Bath, Northgate Rapper, enlisted the help of an iPhone slow motion video capture app called SloPro at their recent practice (Android alternative). They recorded their entire DERT dance and noticed several things not apparent when watching videos at normal speed;

  • Occasional out of position dancers
  • Paired dancers starting or ending their move split seconds apart
  • Their stepping was pretty much in time
  • Male dancers should really wear supportive underwear

They’ve kindly uploaded a short clip of a tumble to YouTube for us to see. Martin from Northgate said “It was useful to see where we need to tighten up, there were several areas of looseness in our dancing, including one of mine”.

Edwin said “If this doesn’t help us improve then only more practice can. One of the Mabels once said to me that she always enjoyed watching Northgate, apparently we’re always on the edge and people aren’t sure what’s going to happen. I took that as a compliment”.


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