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Needed in Northants, a sprightly Tyneside Earsdon, Razorback Rapper and a Chief Falconer. A fairly normal day then.


November 11, 2015 by tommy

In today’s news.

A keen as mustard rapper dancer is looking for a couple of people to assist in the creation of a possible new team in or around Northampton. Her name is Kit Thurman and you can find her on Facebook.

Phil H. is asking for those of a sprightly nature, i.e. neither old nor inexperienced, to join him for an Earsdon workshop in, on or near to the Tyneside area. He can be contacted HERE. The date will be Saturday 14th November.

Ian Nichols, a long time festival rapper workshop attender, is setting up Razorback Rapper. This men’s team will be based Hampshire way; think Southampton, Winchester or Portsmouth areas and you won’t go wrong. There’s a Facebook group HERE. Do get in touch if you’re that way habituated or flexible.


by Ed Schipul

And finally, Northgate Rapper re-elected their Chief Falconer last night at their AGM.

Read about this and their other nonsense HERE.




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