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January 20, 2014 by tommy

It’s been a busy couple of weeks so I’ve not had much time to update the news/blog section of the SDU website, my apologies.

So here’s a selection of rapper and longsword dancing news gleaned from online and social media sources.


Cinquefoil Rapper

Cinquefoil Rapper

Cinquefoil Rapper held a crawl and Open Day at the weekend, the crawl was successful, but not heard of any new Leicester rapper recruits? Any news?

Barnsley Longsword welcomed back old members earlier in the month and have another practice on Tuesday 21st at the Longcar Inn in Barnsley.

One Day Rapper are holding one of their workshops on Saturday 25th January with a following evening crawl. Fancy learning? then do get in touch.

Liz Allton posted a clip of Winlaton from 1930 on Facebook. It’s a British Pathe clip and can be accessed HERE

Stone Monkey are holding a Workshop day on Saturday 25th January between 11am and 4pm at The Barge on Tamworth Road in Long Eaton. Their strapline? “Come and see how Premier Winners do it!”.

Thrales got sent to Coventry! They joined Warwick Rapper for a crawl and tumbling workshop, there’s a few photos on Facebook.┬áThrales are also booked for the Sark Folk Festival, 4th to 6th July. Apparently they’ll be the first rapper sword team to dance on the island, can anyone challenge this?

There’s a new Manchester based rapper sword team – Medlock Rapper. All with cloth caps at a jaunty angle. Click the link and “like” on Facebook.

Things are hotting up over on Leeds for DERT2014. they are in need of stewards, so if interested please get in touch through the website.

LURST (Lancaster University Rapper Sword Team) are in need of a musician to play for them for DERT. If you can help (I’m presuming 6/8 jigs?) please get in touch, DERT is 7th to 9th March. As if you didn’t already know.

Rockingham Rapper elected a new squire – Mr Paul Jones. A heady responsibility with hardly any thanks and only the occasional pint for services rendered.

If you have any news or something you’d like to share, please do get in touch and we’ll help you publicise your event, anniversary or recruitment success. Amongst other things. Please use the contact form on the About Us page.





  1. Keith Thompson says:

    Well Goathland had the traditional day of dance on the 18th with six teams out and about. Followed of course by the Plough Rosh where 90 guests sat down to eat and where entertained by Pete Coe, Sue & Alice singing songs collected by Frank Kitson from Goathland around 1890 including Scarborough Fayre which was written by Alan Wardell who lived in the village. December saw a Charity Fund Raising at the Spa Whitby which featured The Wilsons, Ryeburn 3 Step, Martin Holland, Sallyport and Goathland all put together by Doc Rowe & Jill
    Early doors January it was Straw Bear at Whittlesea and the Blessing of The Plough Service the next day in Goathland. May sees the team of to Boston Mass.amongst other events and it’s 93 years since the side reformed after a break of some 30 years

    • tommy says:

      Thanks for this, apologies for not picking these activities up. I’ll update the blog section tomorrow.

      Can you let me know what you’re up to? I try and keep an eye on social media etc but I can’t see everything. You could email me


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