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Lots and lots of European folk and dance festivals looking for swordists!


December 3, 2013 by tommy

Phil Heaton has just forwarded an email listing plenty of folk and dance festival details for 2014.

If any are of interest please get in touch through the About page.


Austria, Rauris, Salzburg – May 29 – June 1, 2014
– Folklore groups, orchestras, majorettes, modern dance groups, music bands

– Three performances of a free program in Rauris, Salzburg and in Zell am See
– Participation in festival concerts
– Accommodation in 3* hotel (3 nights), Half board, Diploma, gifts
– The number of the participants is not limited
– Participation fee 130 euro/person
– At every 25 participant 1 is gratis

Turkey, Bartin / Inkum – May 28 – June 2 (450 km from Istanbul)
– 32nd International Strawberry and Folk Dance Festival

– 5 nights in dormitory with full-board catering in Inkum, near the beach
– Up to 35 people, leaders, drivers – above this limit every person will pay 30 EUR per day
– Participants over 16 years of age
– Duration of performances 10-15 and 20 minutes
– Live music is desired (playback is also possible)
– groups have to bring their national flag
– Gift exchange with organizers and municipality leaders
– Festival souvenir T-shirt for all participants
– 100 liters of fuel / reimbursement of travel expenses
– Participation fee is 40 EUR per person

Turkey, Batum – June 8-12, 2014
– 1. International Folkdance Festival

– accommodation in Hotels in Batum, 3 meals a day
– max 35 persons, including accompanying people and drivers
– All participants must be over 14 years old
– Prepare 5 min, 15 min and 20 min programs, 3 different performances
– live music is requested but recorded music also possible
– The Groups have to pay their transportation cost from homeland to Batum and back
– We will provide 250 lt diesel for each bus
– Gifts provide for each person, t-shirt and participant’s card and certificate
– Group should bring flags of their countries with them
– Pocket money will not be paid to the groups by Festival Committee.
– Participation fee is 60 euro/person
– If the groups want to stay at hotel after or before festival, they have to pay 30 euro/person/day (accommodation and food)

Zaton3(1)Croatia, Zadar, Zaton – June 21-24, 2014
– 3rd Dance and Music Festival

– Folklore groups, orchestras, majorettes, modern dance groups, choirs, music bands
– Accomodation in 3* apartments, Zaton Holiday Resort –
– Half-board-buffet
– Diplomas, gifts
– Participation fee 125 euro/person
– Addition day can be booked for 25 euro/person/day

Greece, Serres – June 24-30, 2014

– 12th International Children Dance Festival

– Folk groups and groups of other other dance forms may participate (not ballroom dances)

– Accommodation in 4 star hotel ( – for 6 nights) and full-board catering is assured. The rooms have 3-4 beds with own bathrooms

– The ensemble must not outnumber 45 people

– Age of participants is limited to 7-18 years

– Prepare for programs of 5-20 minute performances, 5-10 minutes of gala performances and street parades

– Live music is preferred

– The activities of the festival include the opening and closing ceremonies, concerts, meetings, workshops and festival clubs

– Free time activities includes: integration meetings and evening parties, rest on the sea side with sport and cultural activities, sightseeing around the town

– Meeting with the authorities of the city – gifts exchange

– The group members needs to have a medical insurance during the festival period

– Cost of participation is 100 EUR per person, which includes all services mentioned above

– Group gets 1 person free of charge allowance after every 20 people

– Expenses of transport are to be covered by groups on their own


Poland, Gorzow – June 30 – July 6, 2014 – 6 nights
– 21st International Dance Festival

– 8 foreign folk dance groups will participate
– youth ensembles, ages of participants 12-24 years old
– competition, 700, 500 and 300 euro prizes
– 40 people
– accommodation (6 nights) in dormitories, 3 meals a day
– 3-5 festival performances, participation in the Gala Concert
– integration meetings and evening parties
– rest on the lake with some sport and cultural activities
– sightseeing round the town, a meeting with the authorities of the city
– gifts exchanging
– English-speaking guide
– groups can sell souvenirs, records and folk products from their country
– participation fee is 80 euro per person
– apply with fully filled application form, 5-6 quality pictures, videos and biography


Poland, Bydgoszcz – June 30 – July 5, 2014
– the festival is organized under auspices of Ministry of National Education and Ministry of Culture and National Heritage.
– 2013 festival hosted groups from 36 countries
– participation in competition, integrating and recreation program (concerts, national evening, a parade, sightseeings in the Bydgoszcz and the region, a gymnic hall and a swimming pool)

– youth groups are invited, no more than 25 years old participants

– number of performers max 40 people (excluding instructors)

– the organizers provide the groups with the full board and accommodation

– choirs, orchestras, vocal and instrumental groups, folkloristic groups, old music groups, other forms (vocal groups, rock bands for example)

– prepare program of at least 30 minutes including open air stage performance

– only live music is accepted, the playback is forbidden

– accreditation fee is 80 euro per person which has to be paid upon arrival in cash


Turkey, Iskenderun – July 3-9, 2014
– 32nd Iskenderun Culture, Tourism and Arts Festival

– 6 nights accommodation and full board in hotel near the seaside (
– Max 35 people, leaders, drivers
– Participants over the age of 14 years
– Duration of action 5-10-20 minutes – 3 different programs
– Live music is cumpolsary
– groups have to bring their national flag
– Gift exchange with organizers and municipality leaders
– Festival souvenir T-shirt for all participants
– 200 liters of diesel is given for transportation expenses during the festival
– Participation fee is 60 EUR per person

Hungary, Budapest – July 3-6, 2014
– 2nd “Summer in Budapest ” 

– Participants are folk dance groups, dance groups, majorettes,  brass bands, orchestras, choirs
– Accommodation in 1* Hotel (common bathroom) for 75 euro/person, Standard Hotels, Motels, Apartmants for 90 euro/person, 4* Hotel for 120 euro/person
– Half board (2 meals/day)
– Diplomas and gifts from the city
– 1 free of charge for groups of 25 people
– Additional offers days can be booked on demand (the price depends on the type of accomodation)

Turkey, Mudurnu / Bolu – July 3-7, 2014
– 13. Mudurnu International Silk Road Festival

– Accommodation 4 nights in hostel and 3 meals a day is provided
– Max 35 people
– Ages of the dancers over 16 years old
– Group should bring flags of their countries
– live music is preferred but recorded music also possible
– Normal health insurance for each participant during the festival.
– Gifts for each person, t-shirt and participant’s card, English speaking guide
– 150 liters of diesel is given for bus expenses during the festival
– Participation fee is 40 euro per person

Italy, Tuscany, Vinci – July 11-14, 2014
– “Genio” Folk Festival

– Participation fee is 145 euro per person
– Accommodation in 3* Hotels, 3-4 bedded rooms
– Meals half board for the whole festival (breakfast, dinner)
– International Diplomas
– Diplomas and gifts from the city
– Groups of 25 persons: One group leader free of charge!
– Participants: Folk dance groups, majorettes, brass bands, modern-dance groups
– For an additional payment, excursions can be organized

Hungary, Eger – July 10-14, 2014
– 26th International Folklore Festival

– more than 4 foreign groups
– accommodation and catering (3 times a day) in student dormitory
– foreseen program: festival opening gala, festival nights, two times 10-30 minutes of program, procession on the streets of Eger, festival closing ceremony…
– live music is obligatory
– free time activity may be used for well-known swimming pools and baths, shopping and/or wine tasting in Szépasszonyvölgy near Eger (Valley of Beautiful Women)
– max 35 people (with drivers)
– participation fee is 50 EUR per person

Hungary, Csongrád – July 24-28, 2013
– 7th Dance and Music Festival

– Folklore groups, orchestras, majorettes, modern dance groups, music bands
– The number of the participants are not limited
– Three performance in Csongrád and in surrounding communities (25-30 min)
– Accomodation in hotel, apartmans or in youth hostel (4 nights), Half board
– Diploma, gift, Sightseeing in Csongrád city, bathing in the swimming pool in Csongrád
– Participation fee 95 euro/person (in youth hostel – 3-4-5 bedded rooms), 125 euro/person (in hotel or apartmans – 2-3-4 bedded rooms)
– on every 25 participant 1 gratis


  1. Hello,
    we are a traditional Catalan dance group. We are looking for a group who would like to take part in our festival next 4-6th July as a part of an interchange. Please, if you are interested in it, we would like to contact with you.
    Thanks in advance!

    • Abraham Sekasi says:

      Hey am from Uganda,if you can arrange travel arrangements i can bring a group from Uganda.However am also bringing a trio folk and contemporary group in Europe.This group consist of experienced traditional instrumentalists and dancer.If you would like such an exchange let me hear from you and see how we can splint costs

    • sserugo says:

      Hi am aleader of a traditional group from uganda,I work with street kids and those from poverty stricken areas,through dance I give them a positive thinking and self belief in their selves,my email is ,please contact me we can talk about them coming and perform for you.

  2. Ghenadie says:

    Hello we are folk group from Republic of Moldova and we are looking for festival interchange .if someone is interested please contact us thx

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