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Legal advice and/or solictor type person required. Apply within.


February 27, 2014 by tommy

solicitorAs you may already know The Goathland Plough Stots are busy fundraising for their new building. As this is a large project, with potential legal ramifications, they’re in need of some legal advice.

Is anyone reading this a solicitor? or married to/engaged/betrothed/living with/fancies a solicitor? Might they be willing to lend a hand? The Stots would be most grateful.


Please get in touch with Keith Thompson, you can find him on faceache HERE. Or via email HERE.


  1. Keith Thompson says:

    Thanks for that but just to make everyone aware the plan is for the building to be the permanent home of the SDU. Home to Ivor’s collection as well as some of Doc Rowes, plus our memorabilia, on line access. A performing arts venue, village library, function hall available for indoor camping at nominal rates.
    We don’t mind paying reasonable fees but so far we’ve been somewhat shafted just to sort out trustees on land we already own

    • tommy says:

      No probs Keith. A mate of mine; Jonathon Beck might be in touch. He works in property law, for Henriques Griffiths in Bristol. He’s a good man.

  2. Ed Worrall says:

    Yep I can help with that if you can get in touch? Ed

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