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The Sword Dance Union welcomes any team, any age, any gender, any country even! All you need to be doing is dancing traditional sword dance; longsword, rapper or otherwise.

We have reviewed our membership package, join the SDU now to receive the following benefits;

  • Reduced DERT and SDU event entrance fees
  • Advice on risk assessments
  • Advice on child protection issues
  • Facility to borrow rappers and longswords
  • Promotion of your side and events
  • Access to The Sword Archive including dance notations
  • Expertise in improving team dances and Development Days
  • DERT and competition judge recruitment and training
  • Voting at our AGM to influence the sword dancing world
  • Attendance at exclusive pan-international sword events
  • Take part in the next Digital Sword project
  • Join in with the world of sword dancing!

You can download a handy Join the SDU flyer to take to your next practice.


Membership fees

Goathland Plough Stots

Goathland Plough Stots (their website)

There are three types of membership; individual, team and organisation. For individuals it costs £10 for the first year and then £5 per year and for teams £15 for the first year then £10 per year after that. For organisations it is £20 for the first year, then £10 per year after that.

Youth teams (aged 16 and under) enjoy FREE membership of the Sword Dance Union.

Simply fill in this SDU membership form and return with your payment to join The Sword Dance Union.


Use the contact form below to ask any questions about joining the Sword Dance Union.

Esperance Morris

Esperance Morris (source unknown)


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