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A great day out in Oxford at Mabel Day courtesy of Mabel Gubbins Rapper


December 2, 2013 by tommy

‘Twas a day of rapper in crisp December in old Oxford town!

Mabel Gubbins invited Cinquefoil, Thrales, Tower Ravens, Warwick University, Ryknild Rapper, Northgate and Stone Monkey to join them on Mabel Day, a semi-competitive dance around Oxford’s pubs.

Mabel Gubbins at Mabel Day 2013

Mabel Gubbins at Mabel Day 2013 (photo – Thrales)

Mabel Day kicked off at noon at the Royal Blenheim (am sure their floor used to be tiled!) where Mabel Gubbins introduced their battery operated revolving duster device and all teams danced in front of everyone. Then off to Far From The Madding Crowd with an appreciative audience, with teams splitting into pairs and touring 4 more pubs.

The Kings Arms was the final dancing spot, and saw tables groaning with cakes, chilli and curry and many many gins being bought from the bar.

Excellent feedback on the day!

Thrales were the most organised in terms of photographing the day, so here’s a link to their photo album on Facebook.



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