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Google map of UK sword dance teams now online. 42 teams and counting! #rapper #longsword


November 7, 2013 by tommy

I’ve been testing a Google map where I’ve listed UK sword dance teams.

So far I’ve listed 42 teams; rapper, longsword, male, female, mixed etc.

Please take a look and tell me what you think or if I’ve made any errors!

For the map please CLICK HERE then click on the Full Screen icon right hand side of the black bar.

If your team is not listed yet, I will need the following information;

  • Practice venue name AND postcode
  • Day of the week you practice
  • What times you practice
  • Your website address





  1. Terry Miles says:

    Hello, I dance with Merrydowners Morris; a cotswold side and we do two sword dances (1wood & 1 metal). Do have a category for us? We practice on the first and third Wednesdays of the month and our website is

    • tommy says:

      Thanks Terry. It’s about any team that dances with swords, doesn’t matter if you’re exclusively a sword team, just that you carry on a tradition of sword dancing.

      Please let me know your practice venue name and postcode and the day/time of practice.



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