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This Friday for the Goathland Plough Stots Festive Feasts and Frolics fundraiser! Whitby Pavilion 8-10:30


December 3, 2013 by tommy

John Atkinson from the Plough Stots writes;

To counter any anxiety and confusion that has arisen from previous posts I need to reassure folks that the concert is definitely on and everything is going to plan.

Goathland Plough Stots

Goathland Plough Stots

The main problem clearly has been the booking. Firstly, there has been difficulty in negotiating the telephone and web booking for the Spa and, perhaps more importantly, that there is a booking fee that only appears at the end of the transaction. It means that most people now are simply coming on the night and paying the straight cost …and rightly so.

We were told, when Keith originally booked the Spa, that there would be no booking fee and they would simply charge us 50p for handling costs. I was not aware of the booking fee until last Sunday and immediately told anyone that I knew were coming to simply pay at the door.

It was adverse publicity declaring that we have sold so few tickets and has led some to believe it is not happening. Well, it is and it promises to be a great night – we’ve lots of things in place, some great performers all coming for free to support the Plough Stots and the Goathland Project – so hope to see you all there!

Goathland poster

Goathland poster


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