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Festivals overseas, a Warwick rapper crawl (IVFDF) and some team recruitment tips


December 1, 2015 by tommy

A chap called Attila has been in touch with a huge list of festivals in Hungary and Croatia that are literally crying out for sword teams. Take your pick, there’s loads to choose from – Muzsa Festivals 2016

IVFDF 2016Warwick Rapper are up next. They may have spoken to some of you at DERT in Bristol or perhaps over the summer about this exciting announcement.

The Warwick Folk Society is hosting the Inter-Varsity Folk Dance Festival (IVFDF) in Coventry (where the university actually is) in 2016 and they would like lots of rapper sides to come and dance in pubs in the city centre!

If you are interested, then like their Facebook page and keep an eye on their website for more updates!

And finally, there was a Facebook thread a few months ago around recruitment to sword teams. Seeing as most teams will do something around recruitment in the New Year (a New You), the text is reproduced here. Some good tips, give ’em a go.

  • Plenty of advertising on social media – if you aren’t involved already hunt out #MorrisHour and also see if there is an hour for your area (we have #YorkHour) on twitter. Write an article for your local newspaper and get flyers/posters made up to put out
  • Dance out lots, take business cards when you do, talk to people in the pub after you dance. Get beer mats printed up. Set a challenge for team members to bring a colleague or friend, beer prizes to the one that brings the most. Go to other local trad team’s practices and see who’s flexible of knee and thick in t’head. Set a dance challenge to local TV presenters for Children in Need or Red Nose Day.
  • Offer free bookings to local charities to dance at local events. Find a local Youth Group and offer to teach them teamwork and mental agility whilst increasing fitness.
  • Find a local business that’s shit hot on twitter etc, ask them to be your sponsor for a nominal sum. Get them to help promote you.
  • We’ve done schools work, recruitment drives etc. the thing that works best is word of mouth and one-to-one persuasion.
  • Lots of good suggestions already. I just looked at our current team list to see what recruitment method has been most successful for us. Over half of our members were part of a Morris side or clog team before joining Tower Ravens.
  • Offer to dance at your local ceilidhs in the interval. All team to attend in kit, dance with people and hand out marketing material
  • Just be really good at what you do. Look like you’re having fun. It’s RAPPER, so don’t be stiff and starchy. Get some fun into it and make it look like you’re enjoying it. Don’t pretend it’s dead easy – it needs to look like a challenge, oh yes, and talk to your audience – so many teams don’t! …also you see so many teams dancing out and their audience is other morris dancers! if you’re not dancing move out of the way and let the general public see what they’re missing!
1999 - the missing Cowen Trophy

1999 – the missing Cowen Trophy (photo owner unknown)


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