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Longsword Competition




The Goathland Plough Stots hosted the 2015 Longsword Tournament.

More to follow.



Sallyport Sword Dancers hosted the 2014 Longsword Tournament in Richmond, North Yorkshire on 11 October 2014. It was a fine but crisp sunny Yorkshire day and the event coincided with a beer festival, surprise surprise.

The teams that took part were as follows;

Sallyport Sword, Redcar Sword Dancers, Monkseaton Morrismen, Sullivan’s Sword, Hawksword, Carlisle Clog & Sword, Goathland Plough Stots, Six Jolly Miners, Grenoside Sword Dancers and Claro Sword and Morris.

The categories and winners were:

  • Trevor Stone prize – Sallyport Sword
  • Traditional dance – Sallyport Sword
  • Own dance – Redcar Sword Dancers
  • Music – Redcar Sword Dancers
  • Snark audience reaction – Sallyport Sword
  • Junior and Youth – sadly no teams took part

Traditional – 1st Sallyport, 2nd Redcar, 3rd Monkseaton

Own dance – 1st Redcar, 2nd 6 Jolly Miners, 3rd Hawksword

Music – 1st Redcar, 2nd Sallyport, 3rd 6 Jolly Miners

Snark audience reaction – 1st Sallyport, 2nd equal Redcar and 6 Jolly Miners

Individual scores coming soon


We managed to get every team on video (see below) but not every dance (apologies).

2015 will see the Longsword Competition visit Goathland / Whitby, see you there?


Sallyport Sword Dancers

Six Jolly Miners

Grenoside Sword Dancers

Redcar Sword Dancers

Claro Sword and Morris

Monskeaton Morrismen


Goathland Plough Stots

Carlisle Clog and Sword

Sullivan’s Sword





2013 – Ripon

The UK’s premier longsword tournament took place in the lovely Yorkshire town of Ripon. Teams from across the UK competed for the cup, with the day being hosted by Highside Longsword and Pateley Longsword.

There was Longsword and Rapper dancing on Ripon Market Square, at the Workhouse Museum, the Spa Gardens and outside the Cathedral from 11am to 3pm followed by a showcase of all teams participating. In the evening the Rapper teams toured various pubs.

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The 2013 winners are as follows;

  • Traditional dance – Redcar Sword Dancers
  • Own dance – Stone Monkeys
  • Youth – Maltby Phoenix
  • Audience award – Ploughstot Juniors
  • Music – Redcar Sword Dancers

Other teams present were Handsworth Sword Dancers, Goathland Plough Stots, Claro Sword and Morris, Sallyport, Monkseaton Morris Men, and Cinquefoil.

well done to all and roll on next year!


2013 longsword scores.jpg



2012 Results


BEST TRADITIONAL DANCE ~  Newcastle Kingsmen

 BEST OWN DANCE ~ Stone Monkey



BEST  AUDIENCE ~ Sallyport


  1. Phil Heaton says:

    Next SDU Longsword Tournament is being planned by Sallyport and Brompton Scorpers. It will be held in Richmond on October 11 2014.

  2. Vince Rutland says:

    The date is actually October 11th 2014, but indoor camping will be available in a scout hall on both the Friday and Saturday nights. The event will also take place in conjunction with the annual Richmond Ale Festival, organised by North West Yorkshire CAMRA, with a good selection of real ales and ciders available. This will also form one of the dance spots! The competition itself will take place in the Georgian Town Hall.

    Further details will be available nearer the time.

    • tommy says:

      Thanks Vince. I’ll put a post on the blog today and share via social media. Good to have some longsword news after a plethora of DERT activities! Edwin

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