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DERT stands for “Dancing England Rapper Tournament” and is the premier UK competition for home rapper teams and those from abroad.

DERT is the continuation of the most significant rapper sword dance competitions that were held in Newcastle upon Tyne, the centre of the coalfields where the dance originated. There is an excellent article on wikipedia that explains more about the tournament.

DERT 2016 logo


In 2016, DERT traveled to Manchester where the hosts were Medlock Rapper, hailing from that Northern powerhouse. The dates were March 11th to 13th, please visit the DERT 2016 website for the results etc. 28 teams took part, and each team danced once in six public houses around Manchester and each time they were seen by a pair of judges.

There was also a Youth Competition (called DERTy) which took place during the day. There were also competitions for a ‘Traditional’ dance and a ‘Spotlight’ dance (judged on the one dance only). Betty and Tommy characters are also judged, with the fierce musician rivalry encouraging them to work hard to try and win their category.

All the Rapper teams performed in the ‘Showcase’ at the main venue during Saturday evening.

Winners for DERT 2016 can be seen on the website – JUST HERE. Congratulations to the winners, all teams that took part, and of course the organisers; Medlock Rapper.

dert2017 logo

(Crook Morris)

DERT 2017 will be hosted by Crook Morris and will be held in Kendal on the weekend of 7th – 9th April.

Hopefully we’ll see you there. The DERT 2017 website will have plenty of information about dates, times and locations etc. Give it a look or check out the DERT facebook page.

Good luck to Crook and all who take part!


DERTs gone by

EventLocationDatesOrganisersOverall Winners
DERT 2016Manchester11-13 MarchMedlock RapperNewcastle Kingsmen
DERT 2015Bristol10-12 AprilNorthgate RapperNewcastle Kingsmen
DERT 2014Leeds7 - 9 MarchBlack SwanStar & Shadow
DERT 2013Burton-on-Trent8 -10 MarchRyknild RabbleStar & Shadow
DERT 2012London30 -1 AprilThrales RapperNewcastle Kingsmen
DERT 2011Oxford4–6 MarchMabel GubbinsSallyport Sword Dancers
DERT 2010Derby9–11 AprilStone MonkeyNewcastle Kingsmen
DERT 2009Newcastle13–15 MarchNewcastle Kingsmen and Sallyport Sword Dancers
DERT 2008Liverpool07-9 MarchSouthport SwordsNewcastle Kingsmen
DERT 2007Nottingham10–11 MarchWhip the CatNewcastle Kingsmen
DERT 2006York17–19 MarchBlack Swan
DERT 2005Preston4–6 MarchMaltby Phoenix
DERT 2004Bath26–28 MarchNorthgate RapperBlack Swan
DERT 2003Glasgow4–6 AprilBlack Swan
DERT 2002Sheffield12–16 AprilTriskele
DERT 2001Masham2–4 MarchBlack Adder Rapper and StepSallyport Sword Dancers
DERT 2000Greenwich4–6 MarchThrales Rapper
DERT 1999Newcastle upon Tyne5–7 MarchNewcastle Kingsmen and Sallyport Sword DancersNewcastle Kingsmen
DERT 1998Ryton, Gateshead20 -22 FebruaryStone Monkey
DERT 1997
DERT 1996Burton on TrentStone Monkey
DERT 1995Leytonstone London
DERT 1994Newcastle upon TyneStone Monkey


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