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November 2016

Organised by Candyrapper VSOP once again, this time taking place 11-13th November. Details to follow.


November 2015 (Boston, Massachusetts)

Bubble Rapper

Bubble Rapper (

Organised by Candyrapper VSOP, a great weekend of sword dancing was had by all.

The results are in! Everyone was amazed by the teams’ dancing this year. Congratulations to the following teams for their awards!

1st Place — Bubble Rapper
2nd Place — Dapper Rapper
3rd Place — Half Moon Sword

See more – and

November 2014 (DARToronto)

Sallyport Sword Dancers

Sallyport Sword Dancers (source unknown)

Congratulations are due to Candyrapper VSOP and Sallyport Sword for the first ever DART 1st place tie. Also further congratulations to Pocket Flyers for the impressive 3rd place finish. The field was notably strong this year so thanks to the great show by all of the participating teams: Bubble Rapper, Half Moon Sword, A Sworded Affair, Rust Belt and Toronto Women’s Sword!!

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November 2013 (Amherst)

A report of DART activity and results has just landed courtesy of Rhett Krause.

Please click on DART in Amherst October 2013 to read the report.

Congratulations to Pocket Flyers from Great Meadows!

Watch a video of their evening performance below.


October 2013

Inspired by the Dancing England Rapper Tournament (DERT), the Dancing America Rapper Tournament is a weekend-long opportunity for rapper teams to compete, show off, and learn from each other.

DART cow colour

DART 2013 (their website)

Judges, stationed in pubs, award ranks, prizes, and constructive critiques based on teams’ performances. This year DART will be held the weekend of October 25-27 in Amherst MA, hosted by Flesh Wound Rapper

Good luck to all teams involved!


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