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DERT doings, someone’s now a Grandma and fundraising efforts


March 6, 2014 by tommy

Guess what’s occurring on Saturday?

DERT 2014 logo

DERT 2014 logo

Only bleedin’ DERT 2014 in Leeds, organised by Black Swan! There’s only 2 days to go until this year’s DERT and sashes are being ironed, shoes being polished and the dances the same.

Apparently Silver Flame are sleeping in their Dr Martins?

Best wishes and good luck to everyone taking part.

Ed Worrall has just set up Running Hill Rapper, a mixed rapper sword team practicing alternate Wednesdays at the Cross Keys public house in Uppermill at 8pm. You can follow him and the team on twitter JUST HERE.

Alice and Linda from Whip the Cat have become a mother and grandmother respectively, to little Róisín. We’re sure everyone will chime with us in wishing them congratulations!

The SDU are supporting the building of the Plough Stots new HQ, and likely location of the voluminous SDU archive. To that end Phil et al will be selling £1 a time raffle tickets on Friday night to help raise funds. Prizes on offer include

  • alcohol (yay!)
  • an unsigned copy of Phil’s book (ask him nicely and he might dedicate it)
  • Ivor’s longsword book
  • a rare copy of George Wallace’s rapper book “Fit to jump ower the moon”
  • and more

Planning applications etc will cost £2500 alone, so it would be good to help them towards this first stage target.

See some of you on Friday!





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