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It’s been a while crocodile. Apologies profuse, but here now is the news.


November 4, 2016 by tommy

Having a baby does tend to skew other things in your life. I’m not saying that it was me that birthed baby Elias (that was all Hayley’s doing, I was a mere bystander) but this momentous event combined with a busy workplace has precluded regular updates. I apologise.

photo by Pete Corcoran

photo by Pete Corcoran

Northgate Rapper celebrated their 25th birthday last weekend and were joined by fellow birthday boys Dorset Buttons, Thrales and Tower Ravens from London, Silver Flame and the marvellous and mysteriously moving Mabel Gubbins. Much fun was had showing those Londoners how it’s done in the provinces.

We were even joined by the current Mayor of Bath, who happens to be an ex-Northgate member. They get everywhere.

photo by Simon Vaughan (?)

More from those mere striplings of 22 years young now, it’s Thrales again. It’s their weekend of showing the provincials how it’s one in the City, in particular around the salubrious gin joints of Soho.

The weekend kicks off at 10:00am on the Saturday at The Feathers (SW1H 0BH) near St James tube station.

Further details can be found on their Facebook event page.

Forward planning now! Saturday 14th January sees rapper dancers descending on St Mary’s Heritage Centre Gateshead for the North East Rapper Competition. The Competition starts at 4:30pm for a 5:00pm start.

Parking: some limited on-site parking, plenty of off-site pay car parking in the vicinity of the Sage Gateshead and the Newcastle Quayside.

Bar: Yes

Food: No

Judges: TBC

Competition details: One rapper dance competition with one winner. You can enter to compete or to showcase and you can enter more than one team as long as at least 3 dancing members are different in each entry . Every dance entered whether competitor or showcase pays an entry fee of £10 payable on the day and the winner wins the bag. A trophy will be awarded on the day.

Warm up dancing in any pub or venue you like during the day – as long as we keep the judges away from the teams.

If you think you would like to bring out a team or two then please could you let Ednie Wilson know as soon as possible in early November and then she can share the extent of the competition with you all.

More news tomorrow folks.



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