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Crawls, Days, Weekends, Practices and Teams needing numbers. A standard week then, in Swordland.


October 29, 2014 by tommy

There’s a fair amount going in Swordland at the moment.

In no particular order then……

Tower Ravens

Tower Ravens (Facebook)

Tower Ravens are crawling around Clerkenwell tomorrow night (30th), meeting at 7:30pm at the Shakespeare. The nearest tube is Barbican and they’re hoping Phil Jupitus turns up again.

Fellow Lahndahners, Thrales, are hosting their regular weekend of rapper dance, with a touch of clog, starting at De Hems on 8th November at 11am. A crawl of Soho is on the cards, but apparently Soho ain’t what it used to be.


Mabel Gubbins

Mabel Gubbins (their website)

Mabel Day, courtesy of the mysterious and moving Mabel Gubbins, is gradually filling up. A semi-competitive yet friendly day of dance in Oxford, well worth it. The rumours are that new/ish teams; Taff Rapper and Shropshire Rapper will be attending.



Medlock Rapper

Medlock Rapper (their website)

Moving oooop North to Manchester now with Medlock Rapper in need of numbers. If you know of chaps strong of grip and spare of blood, then point them towards Medlock.

Founded in April 2013, they practice every Monday night at the Gaslamp on Bridge Street in Manchester city centre from 7:30pm until 9:30pm.


Grenoside Sword Dancers

Grenoside Sword Dancers (source unknown)

Penultimately, Grenoside. They’ve taken the leap into the murky and ill-advised waters of social media and have set themselves up on Facebook and twitter. If you haven’t seen them already, then please go to their pages and ‘like, share, and follow’.  Grenoside are practicing again on Thursday (tomorrow), more info on their Facebook page. The Six Jolly Miners have also done the same. It’s good to see longsword teams getting involved on social media, it’s where people go to find out stuff. If you’re not putting out information on there, you won’t be found. Keep it up chaps!

Cinquefoil Rapper

Cinquefoil Rapper (their website)

And finally, Cinquefoil. We’re glad to hear that the rumours and rumblings that Cinquefoil had folded were erroneous and are happy to stand corrected.

Natasha will be in touch soon to tell us more.




Thrales rapper (their website/Facebook)

Sebastian Horsley’s door sign (photo – Thrales?)


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