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Barnsley Longsword now online on Facebook. Make friends, make friends, never ever break friends?


November 18, 2013 by tommy

Jack Ledger from Barnsley Longsword has taken the plunge and entered the somewhat murky but ultimately rewarding world of Facebook.

Barnsley Longsword

Barnsley Longsword

The Sword Dance Union gave him some pointers about setting things up, as their old webmaster had moved away taking important information with him. Sword dance teams need an online presence these days, and if they can combine it with a social media presence, so much the better.

Alas, Mr Barnsley Longsword doesn’t have many friends at the moment, how about you drop by and say hello?


You can reach Barnsley Longsword by clicking JUST HERE

More longsword teams needed online, please feel free to get in touch for any advice on social media or online activities!



  1. Very interesting, I’ve been looking at things going on in Barnsley and can honestly say I didn’t knwo Sword Dancing existed :). Keep up the good work!

    • tommy says:

      Thank you! You look like the sort of chap able to wield a sword, how about you get in touch? There’s also rapper sword dancing too, look at the Sword Dance Union’s map of sword teams. It’s on the website under publications.

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