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Dance notations


This section is for the storage and dissemination of dance notations, both traditional and modern. If you have access to notated rapper or longsword dances (or other) and wish to see them listed here then please get in touch on the About page. If you want to notate one of your team’s dances then do so and send it off to us.


1. Newbiggin (rapper)

Newbiggin by Maude Karpeles


2. Elgin (longsword) by Andrew Kennedy, refined by North British



3. The North Walbottle Dance (rapper)

The North Walbottle Dance


4. Bampton Weavers Dance (longsword), by Mike Jensen

Bampton Weavers Dance


5. North Walbottle

North Walbottle ~ Geo Butterworth





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