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And it’s back to work today (boo) after a lovely Mabel Day in Oxford. Thank you Mabel Gubbins!


December 7, 2015 by tommy

Mabel Gubbins at Mabel Day 2015The 15th International Mabel Day took place yesterday in and around some cracking pubs in Oxford. Teams present were Thrales and Tower Ravens up from London, Warwick Rapper down from Coventry, Hawksword from Leyton and Northgate Rapper from Bath.

We kicked off as usual in the Royal Blenheim with bacon rolls, coffees and beer for the thirsty. The floor in the Blenheim is no longer a slightly slippy tile but now a lovely grippy wood. We do like a bit of friction when we dance!

Mabel Gubbins kicked us off and we all danced twice as Mabel Day was a little thinner on dancing teams as normal. Note to other rapper teams – sort it out, Mabel Day is awesome, and you need to be there next year. We then split into 3 sets and crawled some good pubs with good wooden floors, and ended up at the Kings Arms for more beer and gin, a final dance in front of a lovely warm audience and some excellent stew and (mainly) alcoholic cakes.

The weather was dry, the beer was good and the audiences didn’t leave the pub. Apart from in the Beerd, just before Mabel danced. Some of Warwick (For Science!) worked out that certain members of their team hadn’t even been properly toilet trained when the first International Mabel Day took place.

Thank you to all Mabels for their efforts in organising the Day, much appreciated.

All photos in this article taken by Sarah Eastwood. Plus the video of Mabel Gubbins doing their thing.

PS – I’m missing a photo of Hawksword dancing, can anyone oblige? Thanks.


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