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A report from the recent Thrales Weekend including Belgian beer and a 3-legged man!


November 11, 2013 by tommy

“Thrales are up!”

We welcomed our guests Mons Meg with a Friday night knees up to kick off our 19th annual Thrales birthday weekend. On Saturday morning, we gathered in De Hems Dutch café bar for a livener of strong Belgian beer (as is traditional).

The dancing began at 11am. Ahead of us was the usual marathon crawl round Soho; 19 pubs to mark our 19th birthday.

From this point on it all got a bit hazy. There was dancing and an ever expanding entourage. There was blood, sweat, pubs, beer, the Guardian quiz, more beer, more cracking pubs, one broken sword; Then a trip to the Borough, for food, more dancing, beer and even set of Highland pipes.

Mons Meg were great crawling companions. They acquitted themselves beautifully and a great time was had by all.

The weekend concluded with a day of dance on Sunday, back in the Thrales hood of Southwark. The crowd was spoilt for choice with great performances from our comrades Mons Meg, Mabel Gubbins, North British, Camden Clog, Tower Ravens, Star & Shadow, Melanie Barber, Ruth Bibby, and some chap with three legs.

Here’s to our 20th!

Lots of photographs are on the Thrales facebook page, please check them out and tag yourself if you can!

Or watch one of the videos HERE

Simon Vaughan – Thrales

Thrales and Mons Meg

Thrales and Mons Meg (photo – Thrales)


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