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The 2015 International County Wandering festival in Hungary. A Mr Miklos Karoly writes….


October 20, 2014 by tommy

Dear Madam, Dear Sir,

 Let me introduce myself, I am Miklós Károly from Szeged, the county town of county Csongrád in South-Hungary.

The International County-Wandering Festival first time was organized in 2002.

During the festival the participant groups travel from town to town in the regions, that’s why its name is County-Wandering.

There are different villages and small towns in this area (Csongrád County, Bács-Kiskun County, Békés County and Jász-Nagykun Szolnok County which act as host to the groups with a lunch or dinner as a change for the performances shown by the groups. In the hosting towns and villages generally there are events organized on their own, and the festival is attaching to it with the shows of the participant groups.

 The festival can receive amateur groups of children, youth and adults, 4, maximum 5 groups for each date and I am waiting for the registration of:

• folk dance ensembles,

• majorette groups with or without orchestra,

• “flag-twirling” groups,

• orchestras (fanfares, winds-orchestras, drummers etc.).

• carnival groups, twirling-baton, show groups, etc.

United Kingdom: (4)

2006: Plymouth Morris Men – Plymouth

2006: Kesteven Morris – Retford

2006: Chippenham Town Morris – Chippenham

2003: The Headcorn MorrisKent


Hungarian Festival (Miklós Károly)

I would like to call your attention to have a look at the website (), where you can kind find the details, application form and other useful informations about the International County-Wandering Festival which has already been announced.

The maximum number of people in a group is about 50-70, but not only dancers/singers/musicians etc. can come but also relatives, friends etc. who are not active members of the dance group, with the same conditons of participation.

Festival conditions:

• the cost of travel to the festival and back to home has to be covered by the group itself.

• during the festival you will be assured meal three times a day.

• everybody will get packed meal for the journey back to home.

• English speaking guide will be assured to each group during the festival, from arrival till departure.

• number of performances during the International County-Wandering Festival are about 3 occasions.

• duration of performances will be around min. 20, max. 30 minutes.

• all performances will take place in open air places.

• during your stay in Hungary you might travel around 300-500 km altogether.

City of MAKÓ Offer dates for 2015:

08-13 July 2015. (5 night)

15-20 July 2015. (5 night)

29 July – 03 August 2015. (5 night)

05-10 August 2015. (5 night)

12-17 August 2015. (5 night)

19-24 August 2015. (5 night)

Participation fee for groups with 41 and more people:

• In Youth accommodation:       5 nights – 109 EURO/person/festival.

Participation fee for groups with 40 or under 40 people:

• In Youth accommodation:       5 nights – 4360 EURO/group/festival.

The price includes 5 nights and 4 days full board (breakfast, lunch, dinner)

Optional: (not compulsory)

• At arrival it is possible to order warm dinner: 7 euro/person.

• When you return home it is possible to order breakfast: 7 euro/person It includes: coffee, tea, cold buffet, marmalade, margarine, bread, scrambled eggs, warm frankfurt sausage and these all with free quantity

   and choice.

• If the group arrives by plane, the bus costs 5 night: 2800 EURO/group/festival.

The accomodation of the group: József Pulitzer College – Festival center:

József Pulitzer College functions as a 3-star tourist accommodation in Makó.

The local government of Makó town won 1,43 billion HUF (5 million Euro) from the government then; and it has been reopened and rebuilt from this amount.

The ribbon-cutting ceremony of the new institute was organized in September 2005, and its eponym is the world famous József Pulitzer, who was born in this town and was a great journalist.

József Pulitzer College of Makó is one of the most up-to-date college in Hungary. Its 2-3 and 4-bed rooms are equipped with unbreakable furniture.

The buliding is 4-room institute. After reopening, it has rooms for 206 persons, there are 82 rooms at the visitors’ disposal.

Makó can be found on the Southern-Flat of Hungary, on the right-riverside of Maros river, in Csongrád county, the number of inhabitants is 24.000.

Makó is famous for onion firstly, it is a hungaricum, its touristic attraction is increased by the fact that it is the most flowered town of Hungary.

But the most important factor of iguest-appealing attractiveness of the town is the thermal water that was outcropped by water-blasts in 1956. The thermal and cure bath was always developing during the last decades and since January 2012 it has been opened with a new building complex and is waiting for the visitors with new wellness and cure- attractions.

Best wishes,

Miklós Károly

Festival Director


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