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IMPORTANT! Properly crediting photographers and image sources on your sword based websites etc.


December 1, 2015 by tommy

Simon Vaughan

(source – Maggie Schiele Sullivan via Simon’s Facebook page)

A Mr Simon Vaughan from London Town raised a very pertinent issue with the SDU today. It concerned a paucity of proper attribution for photographers and images used on the SDU website.

We’ve held our hands up and admitted that we’ve been a bit slack. So Edwin’s currently busy going back through the web posts and crediting sources for the images that are missing them.

To that end, if there is an image of yours that we’ve used that has not been credited to you or has been wrongly credited then please let us know. Please note that this is not some cynical attempt to get you to trawl the SDU website. Honest.

This point is relevant¬†for other people and teams too. If you use a photo that you haven’t taken then make sure you credit where it came from. Credit where credit’s due etc.

Simon’s text follows below;
“I’ve noticed that a lot of photos are used both on Facebook, and on the main website, that have been lifted/borrowed/loaned from other sources to illustrate posts and articles. I just wondered why these photos never seem to be attributed to a source or a photographer? Where I work, they call this “fair dealing”, and all “user generated content” (in this case photos) is credited to the creator, whether it has been sourced or submitted.
“The BBC will endeavour to credit any UGC submitted to or shared with it where that content features in or is showcased on any BBC services.”
As a workplace rep and NEC member for the National Union of Journalists, I’ve been involved in the long running campaign fighting for the rights of photographers to maintain ownership of their work. In some cases very large media organisations seem to think that because they “found” an image on the internet (especially on social media), it is magically copyright free and available for use.
I don’t doubt for a second that use of all photos by the SDU is done out of love for our art, to promote what we do and the teams that are doing it, but crediting the source of photos wouldn’t kill ya, would it?
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